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The Movie:

A group of young documentary filmmakers set off to uncover the true story behind the Black Water murders, a series of brutal killings where women were found dumped in the woods, savagely slain, with their mutilated bodies completely drained of blood. In an attempt to exonerate the man accused of the crimes, they journey into the wilderness where the deaths occurred and find themselves face to face with a form of evil they could have never imagined. What began as a mission to save a wrongly convicted man turns into a battle for their own lives.

There have been A LOT of found footage films since The Blair Witch Project first came on to the scene and they all usually follow a very similar formula. I wish I could say that this one was different but it was very much the same (a bit too much the same) even down to the “I have a bad feeling about this” line. There were plenty of predictable moments in this film but there were also some pretty unique things about it as well. The most obvious thing is the creature/vampire itself. This was the one thing that really attracted me to the film and in my opinion was the best part of it. It had a look unlike anything I’ve seen before instead of it being your typical human type vampire. The other thing that the acting wasn’t actually half bad. For the most part it was pretty believable and there was a sense of urgency with the Rob character not wanting to be there. The creepiest acting came from who played a wrongly convicted inmate. His performance was the best of the film and had this uncomfortableness to it. Given the setting of the story it wouldn’t have made much sense but I wish there was more of his character present. The film is decent enough to peak ones interest but don’t expect a full on unique experience besides that of the Black Water Vampire itself. I would say to Redbox it if you are curious about checking it out and you’ll at least get a few pretty good scares out of it.

Special Features:

Behind The Scenes – A basic look at the making of the film.

Black Water Vampire is available NOW on DVD from Image Entertainment


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