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To call this miniseries epic would be an understatement. This is an experience. From the moment the first words are heard you could tell that this was going to be something special. I was very impressed at the production of the series as a whole. The sets and scenery are absolutely amazing and really set the tone for the story itself. It just makes it feel so authentic and real. Even the CG effects themselves impressed me considering this is done for T.V. as opposed to being a feature film. The majority of people know about the Bible and it’s stories but there are some (myself included) that know only bits and pieces so it was really interesting to me to see everything from Genesis to Revelations. The performances of everyone involved were phenomenal from Jesus (Diogo Morgado) himself all the way to the village extras. Each and every one of these actors needs to be commended for their work in a project that will be looked at as one of the best visual adaptations of the Bible and its stories. They brought you in to their world and made you feel like you weren’t just watching it but that you were a part of it. Some people I talked to about the series had told me they felt like some of the acting was “over the top” and that may be true but in all honestly how else would they get their point across and make you get emotionally invested in a story that most people know. They have to freshen things up a bit and I felt they did just that. One thing that I really liked was the Angels in the series. They didn’t come across as your stereotypical type Angels that were dressed in all white and had wings. These guys looked like warriors and had armor. There was a fight scene between an Angel and some villagers that may have been in the Bible but came across like we were watching an action flick. It was an exciting scene to watch but I think there were some modernizations here and there to captivate the audience a bit more. The casting was so good. Everyone looked like they were plucked right out of that time period and added so much to the look and style of the series. Morgado really shined as Jesus. He embodied the visualization of what we know he looked liked and had the calm tone in his voice that made you believe his performance. I was hooked to every minute of this piece of work and feel that anyone could watch this and enjoy this story to the fullest.

Special Features:

The Bible: Genesis – Mark Burnett and Roma Downey explain why they decided to take on creating another adaptation of The Bible.

The Cast Of The Bible – An introduction to the cast and some insight on the casting process.

The Bible: Creation -A really good and lengthy (about 42 minutes) behind the scenes feature that delves into the heart of the film making process.

Scoring The Bible -A look at the beautiful score that Hans ZimmerLorne Balfe and Lisa Gerrard created.

Believing In Miracles – The cast and crew look back at some of the occurrences during filming that they felt were signs that they were doing the right thing by telling this story.

The Bible: Visual Effects – The creation of some of the more elaborate effects. You’ll see the actual scenes that were shot then the final shot with all the visual effects layered on top.

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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