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The Movie:

After a disaster of a movie shoot, the big-hearted pooch and his trainer, Eddie (Jonathan Silverman), are heading home when they get stranded in a small coastal village. When Beethoven befriends a local boy (Bretton Manley), he helps him find a pirate map to lost treasure and together they em-bark on an adventure that brings the whole town together.

There have been 8 Beethoven movies in total since 1992. Yes, 8! I’m just as surprised as you are because it honestly just felt like yesterday that I was seeing Beethoven shake off water all over Charles Grodin. Since then Jonathan Silverman has taken over the series and has kept the adorable St. Bernard in audiences minds for the past few years. Let me just start off by saying that these films (this one included) are not going to win any awards or anything but they are simply good family fun. It’s rare nowadays that you can find a film that the entire family can sit down and watch together so this film is a great “go to” movie. It’s obviously cheesy but in a way that it still makes you and your kids smile. The story is entertaining for the kids for sure but adults may find it kind of bland and very basic. Even though the story wasn’t entirely up to standards I was really happy to see Silverman and Kristy Swanson in a film. Both of them were some of my favorite actors back in the 80’s just because of some of their more comedic roles and from the look it they haven’t missed a step. This movie isn’t going to be for everyone but the little ones will love it because all of the dog antics and mischief so if you pick this up just do it knowing that they will dig it.

Special Features:

None at all which was a little disappointing.

Beethoven’s Treasure Tail is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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