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The Movie:

Directed by Steven C. Miller, a “troubled” teen named Neal (Jonny Weston) returns home after a two year exile. The reason for his exile is because his home caught fire after he apparently was fighting off “The Boogeyman” but also in the process it claimed the life of his mother. Upon his return he vows to protect his younger brother Paulie (Gattlin Griffith) from whatever is hiding under the bed but his family (except his brother) continues to question his sanity. What Neal starts to realize is that the monster is back and after his family. The brothers come up with a scheme to finally destroy the monster but will they be able to protect their family and finally rid themselves of the creature that has been haunting their lives.

Right off the bat this movie reminded me of an old school kids movie where the children had to fight off the monster that was terrorizing them. I loved it! I mean, they even had an awesome montage where the kids start making weapons to get ready to go into battle. That in itself is worth watching the movie for. Another thing that I felt worked out for the film and that I loved was that as an “indie” horror film they most likely didn’t have much to work with in terms of budget so the creature wasn’t shown early on. That right there is probably the best thing that happened for the film. It allowed for major build up until the ultimate reveal at the end and what a reveal it was. I’ve always been big on practical effects just for the fact that it feels a lot more real than seeing something that could possibly be a bad CGI creature running around. This monster in my opinion was so fantastically grotesque and the damage it does at the end was something that was surprising excellent. To me this was more of a nostalgia film and took me back to a time in my childhood that I was scared of the dark and my imagination would run away with me. The only thing is that this film gave you a “what if” scenario where it makes you think twice about the bumps you hear in the night. Check this one out for sure!

Under The Bed is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from XLrator Media


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