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In the aftermath of Miss Watson’s murder, Norman’s innocence is buried under blackouts, suspicious characters, and his strange behavior. Meanwhile, Norma faces dark truths of her own when family secrets begin to unravel and looming threats from local villains jeopardize Norma’s stab at happiness. No matter where you turn — there’s no escaping what bubbles beneath the surface in White Pine Bay.

The Show:

This season was all about giving us a better idea on each of these characters. There is so much in Bates Motel that just works. I was hooked after season 1 but I felt that this season was just as strong or if not, stronger! We already know this family is complex, and that’s the nicest word to use! The first five episodes emphasize on Norman’s mental instability and Dylan’s dark truth. And trust me when I tell you, it left me shouting WHAT at the screen a few times! The remaining five episodes gave us a better glimpse into Norman’s past which helped close the gap into many questions we had. Norma is the the middle of all the turmoil that continues in her family, but she does waiver. The season has me at the edge of my seat waiting and wanting to see what would happen next. I definitely recommend this show to ANYONE. It has so much to offer and is highly addictive.

My Likes: I have to say the best part of this show is Vera Farmiga! She is AMAZING! She is able to be such a diverse character without missing a beat. Who knows how much work it is for her in the background, but she channels Norma Bates like no other. And of course, Freddie Highmore is just brilliant. After watching the original Psycho, I can see how well Freddie was able to embody Norman Bates. And I really can’t skip the remaining actors — I can easily say Olivia Cooke, Max Thieriot, and Nestor Carbonell are all fantastic! I’m attached to each and every one of these characters for so many reasons. This cast has really done a tremendous job in connecting with the audience.

My Dislikes: I’m spending a lot of time staring at the screen trying to think of a dislike. Honestly. I didn’t find too many faults in this season. There were a lot of questions that were answered and also we discovered so much more about everyone. So, I’m going with no dislikes!

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes: There was only a few, but one pretty long scene with Norman and Nick Ford confronting him about the pearls that I felt should have somewhat been addressed in the episode. And also there was another scene with Norman and Emma that would have just confused the audience a bit, at least in my opinion.

Origins of a Psycho: Inside Bates Motel – An inside look at the making of Bates Motel with the creators and actors. Given that I had never seen the original Psycho (that of which I remedied over the weekend), you can see how much thought was put into this show to keep it comparable and relative to the cult classic.

Bates Motel: After Hours – Season Two Premiere  – Sit down with many of the cast members welcoming the premiere of the show and their thoughts.

Bates Motel: After Hours – Season Two Finale – Sit down with many of the cast members on their views of the show and the finale.

Bates Motel: Season Two is available NOW on Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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