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Season Overview:

Carrie’s father, gang kingpin Rabbit (Ben Cross), finally met his demise after a climactic church shootout. Carrie, now exposed and estranged from her husband and kids, remains in Banshee, working as a waitress by day while moonlighting with Lucas, Sugar Bates (Frankie Faison) and Job (Hoon Lee) on a variety of local heists. As Lucas finds it harder and harder to keep his true identity from his deputies – especially Siobhan Kelly (Trieste Kelly Dunn), now his romantic interest – he and the Banshee police force become embroiled in a new conflict between Amish gangster Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) and Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers), the vicious, vengeance-minded leader of the Redbone wing of the Kinaho tribe. And as fists and bullets fly in and around Banshee, Lucas concocts a new scheme that could net his thieves a fortune – by robbing a decommissioned Marine compound housing millions of dollars.

Things are getting a whole lot more complicated for Lucas this season and the show hasn’t been any better than what it is right now. In a world that is filled with slow burn dramas this one was fast paced and action packed the whole way through with little to no slow down. Everything is a bit over the top for the most part but that’s the fun part of it. The best example is shootout scenario that takes place in a Sheriff’s department. There were law enforcement, Native Americans, an Amish gangster and a reformed Neo-Nazi all involved in a crazy fire fight. Sounds crazy, right? Well that’s just the kind of thing that this season is full of. If that wasn’t enough there’s also a full on heist situation that goes on as well. There is definitely numerous things to enjoy in this season and a few things that will leave you with your mouth wide open. It was a really strong season with very small faults that are insignificant to me. If you have yet to watch Banshee then I suggest doing it now because I feel like it’s highly underrated. There is about 10 episodes to every season so it shouldn’t be too bad to try to catch up. Do it now because the upcoming season will be its last.

Special Features:

Banshee Origins – 8 videos that dig a bit deeper into some of the characters backstories.

Banshee Origins Saga – Commentary with Greg Yaitanes (Executive Producer/Director) Allen Marshall Palmer (Post-Production Producer).

Making of the Episode 2 Title Sequence – Fairly self explanatory.

Zoomed In – Throughout the discs this feature gives some basic EPK stuff for the episodes.

Burton vs. Nola Stunts – A look at some of the stunt work on the show.

Burton vs. Nola Camera Movement – This feature looks at an animated version of a certain stunt along with the actual scene in the show.

The Heist – A really awesome feature that lets you switch between certain camera angles in one of the coolest sequences.

Genoa Rehearsal – A run though of one of the action scenes in the show plus added cheesy pre-viz special effects.

Deleted Scenes – There are only a handful of scenes that are scattered throughout the 4 disc set. They don’t offer too much extra but it does show that everything that was planned and film actually made it in the show.

Sins Promo – A really cool slow mo promo for the third season.

Audio Commentary

Banshee: The Complete Third Season is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from HBO Home Entertainment


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