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Season Overview:

Emerging from a self-imposed exile, Lucas returns to Banshee to find it a changed town. Brock Lotus is now sheriff, Kai Proctor is the mayor, and the old “Cadi” police station has been replaced by a state-of the-art facility. A new deputy with ties to Proctor, Nina Cruz, has joined Brock’s team, along with Kurt Bunker, the skinhead-turned-deputy who continues to make amends for his dark past while fighting the racist overtures of the group led by his younger brother Calvin. After reuniting with Carrie, their daughter Deva, and ex-boxer Sugar Bates, Lucas becomes immersed in a new Banshee crisis: rooting out a vicious serial murderer whose latest victim is someone near and dear to his heart.

I came into this show last season and I almost immediately got hooked. This season picks up a bit after those events and it starts with a murder mystery. I thought that was the smartest thing that could be done for a season (especially a final season) and have it establish a story that will keep the audience engaged and wanting to find out how it all plays out. Did it pay off? For the most part it did but with only 8 episodes to resolve everything I did feel like it could’ve been expanded on a bit more if it had a few more episodes in between. The actual finale of the show did resolve the story but did it in a way that was kind of lazy and unimaginative. I think that this show deserved a little bit more. All while the murder mystery story arc was going on there was also an Aryan Brotherhood arc that, to be honest, had tons of action and actually felt a bit more entertaining in a sense. The only reason I say more entertaining was the fact that I knew that the Brotherhood was going to come up short in the end and I just wanted to see Calvin get what was coming to him in the end. The final few minutes of the show did feel like it gave a proper farewell to the show but I just felt like it needed just a tad bit more. It was a great ending though and it kind of left the option open if they ever wanted to revisit the series again because let’s face it…….four seasons wasn’t enough for this show. Definitely grab this when you get a chance and if you haven’t seen the show then I totally suggest picking up the whole series as soon as you can. It’s action packed, crazy and full of suspense! 7/10

Special Features:

Banshee Origins – Short webisodes that give a bit of backstory on the main character.

Zoomed In – Various features that go in depth about certain scenes in the show. These I really loved!

Deleted Scenes – Not much to really look at here. There wasn’t anything that jumped out to grab my attention so I can understand why certain scenes were cut.

Episode Recaps – These probably weren’t needed as a feature but are helpful if you take a break from a viewing.

Cast Retrospectives – Members of the cast look back at the show and talk about certain memories.

Audio Commentary Episode 6 Only One Way a Dogfight Ends

Audio Commentary Episode 8 Requiem

Banshee: The Complete Fourth Season (Final Season) is available NOW on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from HBO Home Entertainment


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