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The Movie:

Vietnam vet Frank Vega () now runs an East L.A. community center where he trains young boxers to survive in and out of the ring. But when his prize student falls in with the wrong crowd and turns up dead, Frank teams up with his pal Bernie () to take matters into their own fists and prove that justice never gets old.

Two Dannys in one movie?! I must’ve done something right in my life to have God allow this to be made! All joking aside, I truly like both of these actors. They have graced the screen and given us some of film history’s favorite characters so it was a treat to see them together in one film. The best thing about the film that you can see right from the start is that it isn’t afraid to make fun of itself a bit. Some of the funniest moments are the ones where they are making fun of their age and things like that. Their chemistry together is extremely good and both of them play off of each other really well. It reminds me of the insults that are thrown back and forth in Grumpy Old Men. Now with that being said, we all know that Trejo can still do action movies but it’s Glover that proves that he still has it. Trejo was great on his own in the first film but teaming up with Glover has given an extra kick to the film. When watching the film you can’t go in expecting Shakespeare but what we do get is a fun action film that you can enjoy without feeling like you’re having to push through it. The only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that Glover didn’t give his famous line “I’m getting too old for this s#!t” since it probably would’ve been appropriate here..haha! Either way if you like action films or either of these actors then I think you’ll dig this and I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see Vega and Bernie.

Special Features:

The Making Of Bad Asses – A decent feature that shows a bit of the production side of the film as well as cast and crew interviews.

Bad Ass 2:Bad Asses is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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