The Amazing World Of Gumball – The Party: DVD Review










Cartoon Network has been pretty good at producing some off the wall and very unique shows and this one is just as off the wall and unique as the rest. This DVD collects a total of 12 episodes with each one running about 11 minutes which is a pretty decent amount to go through in one sitting. The show itself is pretty cute and is about the title character (Gumball) being a 12 year old (sometimes not so smart) cat and his sister being a 4 year old pink rabbit and their misadventures. I liked the melding of different animation styles in the show with some being 2D and others being 3D like the dinosaur character Tina Rex and the crazy antics in the show actually make me laugh. Although the animation looks a little rough in spot I feel like that’s what makes the show endearing. My biggest pet peeve about animation is the the direction of the voice over work. Not a lot of people take notice of things like that. Even though the voice actors aren’t usually in the same room together when recording for the show it’s not supposed to come across like that when you see it. The Amazing World Of Gumball does great in that department and makes all this voice acting sound very natural and fluid. This show is perfect for kids and can totally see this on my son’s daily watch list of cartoons. With an affordable price tag you won’t feel like it’ll break the bank for a pretty good and solid DVD of entertainment.

The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Party is available NOW on DVD from Cartoon Network


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