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The Movie:

Roman’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) life changes forever when he loses his wife and daughter in a plane crash. He attempts to move on from the tragedy but soon finds that he cannot face life without confronting Jake (Scoot McNairy), the air traffic controller responsible for the accident.

Watching this film was a big shock to me and it kind of stuck with me for a while. The plot is a simple one yet so complex at the same time and that made it so engaging to me. Say what you want about Schwarzenegger and his previous work but this was a HUGE change from what I have been used to. Even though he still has the very recognizable accent as usual that didn’t take anything away from the fact that the character he was playing was that of a distraught husband and father. He played it extremely well and you could see the emotion wash over his face throughout the film and it was completely heartbreaking. Watching McNairy on screen is always a treat and this was no different. His character had so much depth and just like Schwarzenegger, his character was filled with emotion and anguish but on the opposite side of the dilemma which was an interesting thing to see play out.  If you aren’t a big fan of Schwarzenegger I will plead with you to at least give it a chance because this might change your mind a bit after seeing how this story plays out. 8/10

Special Features:

Interviews With Director Elliott Lester And Director Of Photography Pieter Vermeer – Pretty self explanatory and includes them talking about the film and their experiences.

Audio Commentary With Director Elliott Lester And Producer Eric Watson

Aftermath is available June 6th on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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