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Adventure Time is back with another volume that contains 16 episodes for your enjoyment. It’s hard to explain the premise of the show to anyone without being met with a puzzled look so it’s in those occasions that I throw a DVD at them and tell them just to watch it. The 16 episodes in this collection make for some of the funniest that I’ve seen. You may have seen a few of these episodes before on previous seasons releases but they way I look at it is a hilarious mixtape of awesomeness. I think the thing that really attracts me to this cartoon is the fact that it’s a lot like my humor…..extremely random. If that’s your cup of tea then you’ll definitely want to check out this release and while your at it you might as well check out all the previous releases as well. Out of all of the episodes that are included it’s very hard to pick a favorite but a few that stood out more than others have to be Be More for the simple fact that it involved BMO more than usual and told a bit more about him, Henchman because who doesn’t like to see Finn doing the bidding of Marceline and Shh! is pretty funny because of BMO thinking Finn and Jake aren’t their real selves because of a simple bet of who can not say anything the longest. With a running time of almost 3 hours this will keep you laughing and maybe at times scratching your head a little but you won’t be able to say that it isn’t entertaining.

Special Features:

Little Did You Know – Features info and other little tidbits regarding some of the characters of the show.

Adventure Time: The Suitor is available NOW on DVD from Cartoon Network


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