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Can you believe that Adventure Time is back with another compilation?! Well they are! A really good one too! The episodes in this DVD total up to a little over 3 hours of Finn and Jake awesomeness and trust me, you’ll want more. These episodes are a combination of ones from seasons 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 so yeah you may have seen some of these before but the way I look at it is an Adventure Time Mixtape. You really do get the best of the best with this release. My favorite is the episode “Jake Suit” because of the lack of care from Finn when he’s wearing Jake like a costume. He even does a quadruple front flip off the top of their house and lands crotch first onto a fence. I’m not going to lie, reading that back made me laugh as much I did when I watched it. The only horrible thing about these compilations is that they end. 16 episodes seems to fly by so quickly and I start to get the itch for more so that’s when I end up popping in the previous volumes. The humor is the aspect that keeps me invested in the show. It’s the type that everyone can enjoy, not just the kids. From beginning to end you’ll find yourself wanting to share this show with everyone you know and to spread the joy that it brings. I’m not exaggerating when I say it. Adventure Time ALWAYS put me in a good mood no matter what and when a show (let alone a cartoon) can do that then you know you have a hit. So do yourself a favor and pick this up for you, your best friend and your neighbors. They’ll love that you did and forever be in your debt.

Special Features:

Little Did You Know – Basic character profiles.

Adventure Time: Princess Day is available NOW on DVD from Cartoon Network


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