Adventure Time – Jake The Dad: DVD Review










Finn and Jake are back in this 16 episode compilation with a running time of almost 3 hours. We continue to get the silliness and crazy humor that we all know and love. In the title episode we see Jake become a father to five very extraordinary pups. It’s so hilarious because almost immediately they start becoming mischievous and  getting into things. Another really funny moment was when he’s reading his pups a book about a baby eating fox. When he realizes what the story was actually about he throws the book out and some actual foxes get a hold of it and decide that it’s a good idea to start eating babies. The fantastic thing about this show is that it’s so easy to jump right into (there’s no linear story) and enjoy. This is excellent collection of episodes that really keeps the laughs coming with every minute. The added bonus that came with the DVD was the “Jake Hat”. It’s soft and pretty much a one size fits all stretchy kind of material. My daughter loved the hat and wears it religiously. For some great laughs a really nifty hat this is definite pick up.

Special Features:

Little Did You Know – A group of factoids about Jake’s pups that are pretty humorous.

Adventure Time: Jake The Dad is available September 17th on DVD from Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video


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