I’m a lover of film and all things film related. This is one of the few things I can talk about for hours and hours with no end. The site is a small glimpse into my addiction. Over the years I’ve seen some good flicks, bad flicks and VERY bad flicks and I love it all. Welcome to my world.

My name is David…..

and I’m a Cinema Deviant.



Curt Markham 02-02-2013, 13:51

Hello, David. Do you review indie films submitted by filmmakers? I ask because I have a self-distributed, no-budget movie for which I’m trying to get reviews. It’s called “Saberfrog” and is a drama/sci-fi/comedy about a guy who goes on a road trip to find old friends because voices in his head tell him to, with reality-warping results. Cult actor John Karyus (Foxfur, Frankie in Blunderland, Dust Up, Poultrygeist) co-stars.

You can view the trailer at my website, http://www.saberfrog.com where the movie is also available for sale. If you’d like to review the movie, please send me a snail mail address at curt@pixelmander.com so I can mail you a screener. Thanks!

Curt Markham
Writer-Director, “Saberfrog”

Ray Murray 21-03-2015, 15:42

Hello, I was wondering if you would like to receive information/news/screeners of upcoming titles from Artsploitation Films (www.artsploitation.com). Upcoming titles include CUB, FEMALE WEREWOLF, HOUSE WITH 100 EYES, TORO LOCO: BLOODTHIRSTY. Thanks

Rick Dawson 06-04-2015, 00:40


My name is Rick Dawson and I was the Executive Producer on Tetherball, a feature-length sports comedy starring Ron Jeremy, Dustin Diamond.

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review of the film. More information can be seen at http://tetherballmovie.com

I look forward to hearing from you.



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