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The Movie:

26 Directors were each given a letter of the alphabet and from there were told to pick a word. From that word each Director was given creative freedom to construct a short film that involves death of some sorts to complete this horror anthology.

I’m a HUGE fan of classic horror anthologies such as Creepshow, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Tales From The Darkside: The Movie and the most recent VHS. So when I heard of this film I immediately got excited and was intrigued right away. Each short runs roughly about 5 minutes and goes anywhere from the most grotesque things you can think of to the weirdest things you can think of. Some shorts tend to push some boundaries (the letter L) but I can consider all of the ones included to be imaginative and they all accomplish what they were going for. The most fun I had watching these shorts was trying to guess the word that was being used for each one. I found myself pulled into each one trying to figure out the clues to each one until the ultimate reveal. I will admit, most of the time I was wrong..haha! Like I stated previously, most of the shorts were really good but a few of my favorites were: H directed and written by Thomas Cappelen Malling, O directed and written by Bruno ForzaniHélène Cattet and D directed and written by Marcel Sarmiento. I won’t spoil the names of each just for the sake of playing the guessing game but H I thought was the most imaginative and unique, O was so beautifully directed and the imagery was put together very artistically and D was expertly shot and done so with amazing precision. If you look at the list of directors involved in this anthology you’ll see right away that most of these don’t look familiar and that’s what makes it so great. It shows that there are amazing filmmakers out there that can do amazing work with little to no budget. If you loved some of the horror anthologies that I listed above then you’ll be adding this one to your list as well. Definitely check this one out!

Special Features:

Making Of, Behind The Scenes and Deleted Scenes for A,B,C,D,F,H,I,J,P,R,T,V,W,Z – A collection of features of the letters of the shorts listed. These will keep you locked in for a good while.

AXS TV: A Look At The ABC’s Of Death – A brief feature that gives a quick rundown of the film.

The ABC’s Of Death is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment and Magnet Releasing


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