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Writer/Director  Judd Apatow again brings us into the world of Debbie and Pete (played by  Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd) from the film Knocked Up. It’s five years down the road and Debbie owns a clothing store while Pete now runs his own independent record label all at the same time that they are trying to raise their two daughters Sadie (Maude Apatow) and Charlotte (Iris Apatow) who are now 13 and 8 years old. As they are both approaching 40 and with the stresses of life they’re experiencing, Debbie begins to feel like they’re getting too comfortable with each other and that their relationship is beginning to fizzle out. Pete on the other hand thinks things are perfectly fine the way they are but quickly realizes after Debbie’s pleas that their relationship needs work and that turning 40 is the least of their problems.

This film a hilarious look at the ins and outs of a long term marriage and the trials that come along with it. Apatow did really well balancing the funny and seriousness of this movie. Another thing he is good at is creating characters and dialogue that people can relate to. Any couple that watches this film can relate to at least one of the spats that Pete and Debbie have. For example, there’s a scene where Pete tells Debbie that he thought they weren’t going to buy each other gifts for their birthdays and she tells him that he’s supposed to know that he’s supposed to get her a surprise gift. Another hilarious thing that Apatow puts out there is that sometimes men aren’t the brightest crayons in the box when it comes to relationships which I somewhat agree with…haha! Rudd and Mann were equally funny and some of the best moments were of them taking shots at each other. Rudd has shown that he can pretty much do it all but excels when it comes to comedy and Mann proves that she can get in there and be just as funny (if not funnier) than any of the guys. Melissa McCarthy gave a hilarious performance in the bit part that she had in the movie. Her banter between Rudd and Mann was a scene you could tell was done a few times because of outtakes. Apatow did a lot of good things with this story but I felt like the movie ran on a bit too long. There were scenes that could have been trimmed down or excluded altogether. Besides that this film had a lot of heart underneath all the hilarity and I completely recommend it but be ready to sit an extra 30 minutes longer than what you should be.

Memorable Line: “You’re like a miniature Tom Petty.”

This Is 40 is in theaters NOW from Universal Pictures



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