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The Movie:

Directed by Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardener) and starring Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz and Ben Foster, 360 takes you on a journey of love, deception and the basic choice of what’s right and what’s wrong. One man’s attempted indiscretion sets in motion a chain of events that spreads across the world and connects the various people involved in one way, shape or form. It eventually comes back full circle with repercussions included.

I loved Fernando Meirelles’ work in The Constant Gardener and that made me really intrigued by this film. That and I really love films that have connecting stories such as this. The fact that these connecting stories took place internationally was a nice touch that added something unique that we don’t see often. Much of the cast pulled off solid performances especially Ben Foster and his role as a (newly released from prison) sex offender. He’s one of those actors that you can tell gets into his roles completely and this one was no different. I really do wish that we would’ve gotten to see more of Foster’s character. They built it up to a certain point and I felt like we could’ve been given more. Anthony Hopkins……well, what can I say? It’s Anthony Hopkins. His “lonely man looking for a friend” character was played great. To the point that you feel bad for what he’s going though. You just want the man to be happy and find peace. Jude Law and Rachel Weisz’s performances were great as well and they played off each other really well when on screen together. My complaint on the film was that some of the characters I felt weren’t given enough time to build or to give a bit more back story on. This wasn’t a horrible movie at all (believe me, I’ve seen bad) but it had the potential to be something much more. Still, I do recommend giving this movie a viewing because in the end it takes a lot to weave together stories, the message of  “Always remember that anything you do could possibly affect someone else” and I’m not going to lie……..it’s always good to see Rachel Weisz.

Special Features:

Coming Full Circle: The Making of 360 – A great feature that includes interviews and insight on the film from the cast an crew.

Behind the Scenes Picture in Picture Comparisons – Now this is a unique feature that I would like to see more of on bluray releases. It’s a look at what’s going on behind the camera while they film certain scenes along with a Picture in Picture view of the scene from the film itself.

AXS TV: A Look at 360 – A quick promo regarding the film with snippets of interviews from the cast.

360 is available NOW from Magnolia Home Entertainment


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