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The Movie:

In a sequel to 2 Days In Paris, this movie follows Marion played by Julie Delpy (who also directed and co-wrote the film) and Mingus played by Chris Rock as they engage in a relationship together a while after the events in the previous film. As they enjoy their life together with their kids (they were both single parents at one point) everything gets turned upside down as soon as Marion’s family comes to visit from France. They’re only there for 2 days but in that time so much can happen with a family that doesn’t seem to have any “filter” whatsoever.

I knew this film was a comedy but it was really a lot funnier than I expected. I think the “girlfriend’s family that has a language barrier” dynamic is always a great story element that makes for really funny and sometimes awkward situations. This wasn’t an over the top screwball comedy flick either. This was a very smart comedy. Almost like a Woody Allen film or something similar to the Bridget Jones movies (as far as the type of comedy). Chris Rock was excellent as Mingus and had the awkward factor down when it came to the non-PC demeanor of Marion’s family. I know I’ve said it before but I have ultimate respect for someone (a woman especially) that writes, directs and stars in her own film. It takes a lot to do something like that and Julie Delpy really pulls it off. Her comedic timing is perfect and she has a quirkiness about her that just works. The best thing about this movie is that it really is a movie all on its own and you can enjoy it without watching the first film. I really loved this film and really can’t wait to see more from Delpy and her work.

Special Features:

Interview with Julie Delpy – A 22 minute interview with Delpy regarding the making of the film and some funny stories involving Chris Rock and her father (who can’t really understand English).

Interview with Chris Rock – A brief interview with Rock recounting his experiences on the set of the film.

Sundance Interviews – A collection of interviews from the cast speaking about the film.

AXS TV: A Look At 2 Days In New York – A quick 5 minute feature that gives a quick rundown and preview of the movie.

I REALLY recommend this film. Trust me, you’ll be laughing out loud with this one.

2 Days In New York is available NOW from Magnolia Home Entertainment


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