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The Movie:

There is nowhere to hide…nowhere to run…the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our world now belongs to the dead! From Ireland, Canada, Australia, Europe and all over the U.S., the bone-chilling news reports tell the same gruesome tale – walking corpses terrorize and devour the living. Only a few desperate humans find the courage to stand and fight for their last chance at survival. But the hordes of undead keep coming, and there’s only one thing on the menu – us.

I had stated recently that the zombie genre has become so over saturated and it seems like we’ve seen just about everything that we can see from the undead so you can imagine my hesitation about watching this film. The film had an interesting take on storytelling which I kind of liked. Surprisingly enough it went the anthology route with various stories about the zombie outbreak wrapped in an outer story of a news reporter broadcasting these events to viewers. I don’t think I had seen anything like that before which made me curious to watch more. The film as a whole is low budget but I actually thought they pulled off what they were going for with what they had so I have to give them credit for that. Right off the bat they start you off with the first known recorded zombie incident in Jerusalem when Jesus Christ was around……yup, you read that right. As soon as I saw that I rolled my eyes and didn’t even want to watch anymore…..UNTIL Jesus started to use fish as weapons….Haha! That in itself was so “left field” that I could help but watch it and it got so crazy that I couldn’t help but laugh. Through all of that my only criticism about it is that Jesus was speaking Spanish when he most certainly wasn’t Mexican. Yeah I know, that should be the least of my concern about the segment. The others (as low budget as they were) actually weren’t half bad. Most of them had a hint of comedy here and there which doesn’t hurt but also TONS of gore which doesn’t hurt either. This film wasn’t the best of the zombie genre that I’ve seen but it most certainly wasn’t the worst. It was surprisingly a lot of fun to watch and had some pretty entertaining segments. If you’re in the mood for checking out some indie zombie stuff then it wouldn’t hurt having a viewing of this film.

Special Features:

Short Film “Marathon Apocalypse” – An interesting short but not really interesting enough to have been included in the film.

Zombieworld is available NOW on DVD from Image Entertainment


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