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The Movie:

I reviewed this film earlier in the year. You can check out what I thought HERE

The 3D:

The 3D transfer of the film is exactly like I remember it in the theaters. The depths of the backgrounds looked great and that in turn made the foreground pop perfectly. The colors stayed as vibrant as before and shots of the Japanese scenery looked amazing. The look of the CG effects were pretty good and adding 3D to it made for some really special sequences. My favorite by far was the bullet train sequence and I was pretty impressed on how it looked on a 3D TV.

Special Features:

Unrated Extended Cut – Usually these cuts of films don’t have a whole lot extra to add to a movie. This one adds about 12 minutes to it but after watching it I was so impressed. To me, THIS is the definitive cut of the film the every Wolverine fan will love. There’s more fighting involved including a pretty gory scene and Logan himself dropping some F-Bombs which that’s kind of who the character is. That’s what makes him Wolverine. Honestly, after watching this version you won’t want to watch the theatrical version again.

Alternate Ending – A great ending that made fanboys grip their seat in excitement. Seeing the classic comic book costume show up was so cool but I don’t see it making its way into an actual film (but I hope I’m wrong).

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Set Tour – Bryan Singer gives us a look at the next X-Men film and I must say……I’m pretty excited.

The Path Of A Ronin – A fantastic multi-part behind the scenes feature of the film that gives A LOT of insight on who Wolverine really is going into this adventure and the struggle he experiences.

The Wolverine is available NOW on 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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