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The Movie:

When a tunnel collapses on ordinary family man Jung-soo (Jung-woo Ha), his cell phone becomes his only link to the outside world. In the face of media frenzy and government officials jumping on a chance for good publicity, an emergency response team mobilizes to rescue Jung-soo with the nation’s support. But as days go by and nerves stretch thin, Jung-soo must struggle for his life in the suffocating debris alone.

Disaster films are some of my favorite genre to watch. The thing is that in recent years a lot of them tend to be on the lower budget and not so great……and those are the ones from the U.S. This film is from Korea and is advertised as a “Disaster Film Like No Other” and that has me really intrigued because I was really impressed with the Korean zombie film “Train To Busan”. My interest in seeing this film really paid off because I thought that it was fantastic. I’ve expressed my appreciation for “one location” films in the past for the fact that it makes filmmakers get way more creative to tell a story and they did just that. It was sad, thrilling, comedic also super claustrophobic rolled into one film with visual effects that rival any American film. I thought that it was very well done with tons of drama behind the story and it made me really feel for Jung-soo and the predicament he was in. This is the kind of film that I would expect to fly under the radar for many people and it’s a shame so let this be a heads up for you. Go and pick this up for sure. It’s completely in Korean and has subtitles but don’t let that deter you from checking out a really strong and powerful movie. Loved every minute of it. 8/10

Tunnel is available NOW on DVD from Well Go USA


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