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The Movie:

The supernatural terror returns and unspeakable evil sets its sight on new prey when a group of orphaned children are forced to move into the abandoned Eel Marsh House with their caretakers, Eve and Jean. As the children begin to mysteriously disappear, Eve makes a shocking discovery…it may not be a coincidence that she has come to reside in a place inhabited by the murderous Woman in Black.

If you saw the first film then you already know what you’re getting yourself into and the good thing is if you are going in with a clean slate then it doesn’t take too much to catch on to the story. This film takes everything from the fist film and expands on the mythology of The Woman In Black. They explain a lot more backstory and make you more aware of the reasoning behind the things she does. If you’re looking for an all out “jump out of your seat” horror film then you might be a bit disappointed. There are a few good scares here and there but it lacks the punch that you would normally get from American horror. If I could classify it as anything it’s closer to a cerebral horror film if you had to call it something. It doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing, it was just different. There was plenty of suspense and secrets being revealed that made it compelling to watch and kept me invested in the story but the ending felt a little flat to me. The film was done really good and the production value was through the roof it just lacked little things here and there but either way it it worth checking out especially if you dig British style horror. 8/10

Special Features:

Pulling Back the Veil: The Woman in Black 2 – The usual Behind The Scenes feature with film clips and interview snippets.

The Woman in Black 2: Chilling Locations – A look at the locations used in the film.

Deleted Scene – One short scene that doesn’t offer anything extra.

The Woman In Black 2 is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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