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Season Overview:

The Vampire Diaries continues for a sixth season with delicious drama to sink your teeth into. Last season, after a passionate summer with Damon, Elena headed to Whitmore College with Caroline, not knowing Bonnie sacrificed her life for Jeremy’s. Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline’s friendship deepened as they stood up to the Travelers, a nomadic witch tribe driven to strip Mystic Falls of magic and cast out its supernatural residents. In the shocking season finale, Damon, fearing he would lose his loved ones on the crumbling Other Side, made a huge sacrifice to bring them all back – with catastrophic and heartbreaking results. Season six follows the characters’ journey back to each other as they explore the duality of good versus evil inside themselves. Michael Malarkey joins the cast as Enzo, an old vampire friend from Damon’s past, and Matt Davis reprises his role as Alaric Saltzman, recently returned from The Other Side.

After the season five finale I really didn’t know what to expect. I mean I really feel like this show has gone through every possible scenario and now you can add time travel to the list so I was rightfully skeptical. Sure enough just like every other season they tend to make it all work in some way or form. The series has come a long way and I feel has changed so much from its first season so with that being said it feels like this season was the beginning of the end. It’s no secret that this is Nina Dobrev’s last season with the show and all I kept thinking was “How are they going to keep the show going without one of its main characters?”. The answer to that question unfolded throughout the season itself and was very apparent that they were going to slowly grooming certain characters to replace her. Bonnie and Caroline were two characters that were for the most part in the background and felt like they were really expendable but now they developed them to be standout pieces to the TVD story. From a storytelling side this season was pretty solid the entire way through and had plenty of surprising moments. The biggest surprise however was the amount of people that seem to be leaving the show. They closed out a lot of storylines and left a few others kind of open ended and before you say “Well they’ve done that so many times before!” this time it actually felt real. I thought Kai (who in the beginning reminded me a bit of Paul Rudd) was a perfect addition to the cast and his transformation into a MAJOR part of the story was great. The season finale was pretty crazy and intense but was really satisfying and surprisingly sad at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the season even though I had the habit of picking it apart like the way there is always at least one neck break in every episode (great drinking game by the way) or how many times characters have died and come back to life then died again only to come back to life again. If you accept the show for what it is then I think you’ll enjoy the hell out of the craziness as much as I did. 8/10

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – About 10 scenes in total that are spread out throughout the set. Not too bad but they could’ve been left out entirely.

Good Bite and Good Luck – A fond farewell to Nina Dobrev and the other cast members that may or may not be coming back.

Best. Reactions. Ever. – Fan reaction to the biggest moments throughout the season.

2014 Comic-Con Panel – This panel you may have seen already but if not they included it here for everyone else.

Come Visit Georgia PSA – A pretty humorous PSA that is showcasing the positive side of Georgia and working there as an entertainment entity.

Gag Reel – These are my favorite and lets everyone see just how much fun the cast has fun during filming.

Audio Commentary on “Let Her Go”

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Sixth Season is available NOW on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from Warner Bros Home Entertainment


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