The Knick – The Complete Second Season: Digital HD Review

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The Knick faces an upheaval, as Dr. John Thackery’s absence (due to his hospitalization for cocaine addiction), a dearth of affluent patients, and financial missteps have led to the board’s decision to shutter the hospital in favor of a new building uptown.  In this world of corruption, invention and progress, everyone is searching for the new path that will help him or her survive. Whether it’s a path toward justice, freedom, love or just plain survival, nothing comes easy. As relocation plans proceed, the gifted but under-appreciated Dr. Algernon Edwards jockeys to become Thackery’s successor as chief of surgery, while fellow doctors, nurses, nuns and administrators grapple with challenges at work and in their private lives.

There are times when I can be on the fence about period pieces. I’ve seen some really good ones and then I’ve seen some REALLY boring ones. The Knick is far from being boring. I will go right ahead and say that this might be the best medical drama on cable TV that no one is watching….well as far as people that I know anyway. If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy then you’ll definitely like this show. There are moments in the season that were a little slow in places but it was few and far between. Other than that it grabbed and pulled me in more and more with every episode. I especially liked seeing the medical revelations that happened throughout like using a motorized Ambulance instead of a horse pulled one, the creation of adrenaline as well as the fight to stop using diethyl ether as a local anesthetic. The performances from the cast are flawless and really make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time with the stand outs for me being Clive Owen and Michael Angarano. They had this repertoire with each other that stood out among the other great performances. If drama is something you crave from your TV shows then there is no shortage of it here. There are moments of deceit, sex, death and so much more that will fulfill your needs. Don’t be fooled by the early 1900 setting of The Knick, it’s a show that is without a doubt worth your time. Watch it!! 9/10 

Special Features:

The Knick Under Construction – A look at the sets that are used to bring The Knick to life with a tour by Production Designer Howard Cummings.

Inside The Costume Shop – A look at the costume design of the show and talks about creating these outfits for members of the cast.

Invitation To The Ball – This feature takes a look at how director Steven Soderbergh and creators Jack Amiel & Michael Begler created the big charity event in the 7th episode of the season.

The Knick: The Complete Second Season is available NOW on Digital HD


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