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The Movie:

After a failed mission to capture the leader of a deadly gambling ring (Wes Studi), bounty hunter Will Tanner (Randy Orton) becomes the hunted—a human target in a game in which contestants must kill or be killed. As high rollers bet on who will survive, Will, his dad (Eric Roberts), and members of Will’s team wage an all-out war against the game’s mastermind (Steven Michael Quezada).

This is another film in the action pack that WWE Studios has made so famous. In the past, most of them (although cheesy) have been quite enjoyable as they usually remind me of 90’s action movies but this sequel falls short of the others. The story had the potential to be something cool but for one reason or another it fell flat. Orton was never the greatest actor but I enjoyed his performance in 12 Rounds 2 which led me to believe that maybe this would be more of the same but unfortunately it wasn’t. It just seemed like Orton phoned in his performance and was trying to follow an action movie blueprint which made it all seem so fake. Yes, I know, for the most part they’re supposed to be that way but you want to at least have yourself immersed in the action. I just couldn’t get into it like I normally would. Now the best parts of the film were definitely the action sequences. All the chaos going on in the film felt like it didn’t stop one bit and that was thing that I was thankful for the most. That aspect at least made me want to keep watching and see what kind of gag or fight scene they were going to pull off next. Although there were moments that I did like I have to say that this is one that I suggest skipping. I just hope that this doesn’t signify a trend in the upcoming WWE Studios films. 5/10

Special Features:

Drones – This feature takes a look at the use of drones during production to get certain shots.

Fight For Your Life – An EPK style feature with clips, interviews and discussions on the fight scenes.

The Condemned 2 is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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