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The Movie:

When Mae (Watson) is hired to work for the world’s largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company’s founder, Eamon Bailey (Hanks), to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics, and ultimately, her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment and every decision she makes begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family, and all of humanity.

This was a movie that totally caught me off guard. Mainly because I had a different impression of what it was going to be. I initially saw the trailer and thought it was going to be a thriller in the vain of “Anti-Trust”. It was a whole lot more than that and in fact it was a lot more meaningful in my opinion. It turned out to be a film with a commentary on social media and the tech world that we live in now. I loved the idea behind it and it was a pleasant surprise with it providing a meaningful message. The thing that did bother me a bit though was that it did have the tendencies of a thriller and felt like it was on the edge of becoming one but would pull back when it seemed to be ramping up. Watson always gives strong performances and this was no different. She commands the screen and has great chemistry with everyone she shares scenes with. Hanks was great as well but I just wished that there was a bit more depth to his character. I wanted to see and know more about his character so that was a bit of a bummer. In all, I felt like it was a very eye opening and entertaining movie but could’ve been so much more. I recommend checking it out but don’t expect something that will leave you breathless. 6/10

Special Features:

No More Secrets: Completing The Circle – A four part feature that looks into the films’ production.

The Future Won’t Wait: Design and Technology – A cool look at the visual aspect of the film and production design.

A True Original: Remembering Bill Paxton – A great tribute to the late actor with some nice words by Tom Hanks.

The Circle is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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