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Season Overview:

Four months after the events that nearly ended Jackson’s life and resurrected Peter Hale’s, teen wolf Scott McCall and his friends begin their junior year of high school unaware that a new threat has arrived in Beacon Hills: A pack of Alpha werewolves intent on bringing Derek into their fold, while destroying his young pack.

I wasn’t too sure how the third season was going to top the last one but immediately the action rolled out with the Alpha Pack leading the charge. Part 1 of season 3 had a main storyline but it also had it’s sub storylines weaved within. I thought all of the 13 episodes were great and really intense at moments but there were moments that were a tad bit over the top and over dramatic. One of them being Derek on the verge of being killed practically 3 times within one episode which included the slow motion scene and sad score to go with it but within minutes it’s revealed that he’s fine. That’s probably the only thing that made me raise an eyebrow throughout the season, other than that I thought this was the strongest season by far and had plenty of twists and reveals that will keep you engaged. One thing that I found intriguing was the debut of The Demon Wolf. Even though there was somewhat of a resolution, I hope that they dig a bit deeper about that character and possibly an origin. has really escalated himself even further as an actor and leading man. He’s come a long way within a relativity short time and this looks to be start of a really big moment for him in the show. is the ultimate comic relief of the show and adds the much needed smart aleck remarks when situations get too serious. Even though he’s the funny guy in the show he does also show more range with some pretty dramatic moments. I’m a fan of O’Brien and sense big things for him as an actor. and have both proven to be tough, strong women in a show where the main focus are the guys. Reed is fantastic and strikes me almost like a “Buffy” sort of character while Roden’ character is less physical but is way more than your typical damsel in distress…..she’s something (running line in the show). has also grown as an actor and I can honestly consider Derek the Venom to Scott’s Spider-Man. They make each other and I though Hoechlin realizes that. My only preference is that I wish Derek was a “bad guy” again. He works so much better in those type of situations but it is a good to see the character change up a bit. Seeing how this is only the first half of the season it was the best so far and I can’t even imagine what the second half will be like. This really started as a guilty pleasure and now is a must see. I recommend checking this out for sure!

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – A decent amount of scenes that expand a few moments in the show. Nothing too exciting but interesting nonetheless.

Gag Reel – As many know, I love watching these and this one was pretty good. Not hilarious but really funny.

Return Of The Shirtless Montage – Pretty much exactly what it says it is. The ladies (and some guys) will dig this.

Back To The Pack – The cast looks back at the previous seasons and talks a bit about what’s to come in the third.

Teen Wolf: Season 3 Part 1 is available NOW on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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