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The Movie:

Ten years ago, a bank-robbing team stole $100 million from a Vegas casino. Not all of them got away. Now, Bishop (Lennie James) is a small-town sheriff, making an honest living… with no memory of his criminal past. But when his old crew rolls into town looking for the loot, the perfect getaway threatens to turn into a nightmare of greed, revenge, and retribution.

This really isn’t your typical action film. In fact, it really isn’t an action film at all. I would say that it’s feels more like a modern day Western with James being the old school sheriff and the group of criminals start rolling into town. It does have it’s action-y moments but for the most part it builds steadily to that point. I didn’t become a fan of James until I saw him on The Walking Dead and after that I’ve really liked everything that he’s been in. He has this presence to him that has him commanding every scene that he’s a part of. It’s funny because if you look at the cover of the blu-ray Jean-Claude Van Damme is front and center practically but he really isn’t the main character. He’s more like a supporting guy and his role seems a bit flat. I expected a bit more from his character but it isn’t all bad. I actually (like I’ve stated before) like him in more of a villain role. It’s a change of pace for him and it shows that he can shine even though he does end up a bit of a hero/villain by the end of the film. The story isn’t the strongest that I’ve seen before but it is certainly effective for it being a direct to video release. All in all this was a pretty good film that took a scenario that felt familiar and spun it in a way that was a more modern. If you get a chance and are looking for something to watch then I suggest giving this a view.

Special Features:

Interviews – This feature is the only one on the disc but it does make up for that with the length. Coming in a almost an hour this has the cast and crew talking about the film and their experiences while making it.

Swelter is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment


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