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The Movie:

Dan and Mindy Summers are on a road trip along a desolate mountain highway when Dan is forced to exit the SUV to remove a dead tree blocking their path. Before he can get back inside, he and Mindy find themselves held hostage on the side of the road, trapped in their car by a mysterious, unseen gunman.

Movies like this don’t come around often. You know the type, a single location based thriller with no real reasoning as to why things are happening. We’ve seen it before with movies like Phone Booth and Buried so they always tend to catch my eye when they show up. This film starts off with the viewer not really liking either one of the main characters that much. The wife is completely self absorbed and annoying and the husband is cheating on her with his assistant. It quickly moves from the introduction of the characters to them getting thrust into this situation that has them and the audience asking “Why?” the entire time. The gunman really doesn’t reveal much of his plan and admits that he is doing it for no particular reason which is actually really terrifying because that sort of mentality actually exists in the real world. From there we start to find out more about each of the two main characters as they start to find out more about themselves but still no reason for the gunman. Even with that it still is very suspenseful and makes you wonder what you would do if you were in that situation yourself. This may not be the absolute best single location thriller I’ve seen but it still is very good and keeps you’re eyes glued to the screen wondering what’s going to happen next. This film is worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a good thriller. 6/10

Roadside is available NOW on DVD from Image Entertainment


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