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Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning comedy series Regular Show is bringing the laughs with an all-new DVD: Regular Show: Mordecai Pack! Chock-full of 16 Mordecai-centric episodes from the latest seasons! The Mordecai Pack follows Mordecai and the rest of the gang on their extreme and surreal misadventures.

If I’m keeping the correct count then this is Volume 7 of the Regular Show. This DVD is jam packed with 16 hilariously random episodes that totals to just under 3 hours. That’s 3 hours of laughs and crazy adventures that are very Modecai focused. The episode “Bet To Be Blonde” starts off the bunch with a funny bet that turns into a full on action film by the end of it. You watch this one episode and you get what this show is all about and then of course you won’t want to stop watching. Then there’s “Every Meat Burritos” where Mordecai and crew go on an adventure to a place they where they have burritos with every type of meat. If that doesn’t encapsulate what my life is then I don’t know what does. Sometimes with these kind of releases you find a handful of great episodes then there sub par episodes that are thrown in just to fill up the rest of the disc but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance. The mix of episodes is just so perfect and this is probably one of the best compilations that has been put out. You can’t beat what this DVD has to offer for the fantastic price. This is definitely a must have.

Regular Show: Mordecai Pack is available NOW on DVD from Cartoon Network


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