Recap: The Walking Dead S3 E3 – Walk With Me

This weeks episode starts off with a loud crash.

We see a military helcopter with about four passengers aboard crash after some sort of malfuction within. Michonne (with her 2 zombie mules) and Andrea witness the crash (give or take) about 300 yards away. As they get to the crash they quickly investigate the area and find one soldier sliced in half at the waist. That’s when they get surprised by a group of unknown men driving up to the crash site in pick up trucks. Michonne and Andrea stay crouched down behind some tall grass and the zombie mules are chained up to a tree nearby. The men check out the area walk up to the dead soldier and see he’s not dead anymore. They finish of the Walker with a knife to the head and head to the helicopter. They pull a solider out that seemed to have survived and they start heading back to their trucks until they start hearing commotion coming from Michonne’s pets. She tries to quiet them down but has no other choice but to decapitate them before the men start heading their way. The guys don’t hear anything anymore and continue on their way. Just when they think everything is safe they hear a voice behind them. They turn around and it’s none other than MERLE sporting a new prosthesis (where his hand used to be) that holds a knife in it. Andrea faints.

Andrea wakes up and her and Michonne are in a room together surrounded by a few armed men. They have an IV on Andrea and have taken away their weapons. The same man that finished off the undead soldier walks in and explains to them that they are trying to help them. Michonne right away doesn’t seem to trusting of the situation and starts to ask for their weapons and a way out. He explains to them that they can leave when ever they want. Andrea makes the statement that they were killing men out at the plane crash the were already dead. The man informs them of the same information that Rick explained to the group at the end of season 2: The dead will turn no matter what. They look shocked as they follow the man outside. He then welcomes them to Woodbury. As they look around it looks like you normal town. No chaos, no Walkers. Only one difference, the whole town is secured to the max with barricades around the whole town and armed men lined up all around. Andrea hears one of the men call the man Governor. Andrea asks him about that and he states it’s just a nickname. She fires back with “That’s not a nickname, that’s a title”. They decide to stay the night. The Governor talks to the soldier that was brought in and he let’s him know where the rest of his group is.

The next morning they Andrea does a bit of socializing with some of the town folk and finds out that the town consists of 73 people. All of whom believe in what The Governor is doing and stands for. The Governor himself pays a visit to his resident scientist Milton and finds out that the Walkers in fact can starve to death, they just do it at a slower rate. Milton has also been studying Michonne’s way of keeping her “pets” around. With cutting of their jaw and arms over time they become docile and it would be a good way to camouflage their camp from other Walkers.

The Governor finds the solider’s camp and the rest of his team. He drives up literally waving a white flag and telling the men that they found their friend. Then it happens. The Governor and his men (hidden in the fields nearby) open fire on the remaining soldiers kill them all and taking all their supplies and weapons. They return back to Woodbury and The Governor gives a heartfelt speech about how they were too late and that the Walkers got to them but that they were going to honor their sacrifice but not letting their supplies go to waste. Some of his men seem very uncomfortable about the situation. Andrea walks up to him and asks him what his real name is. He tells her he’ll never tell and she shoots back with “Never say never.”. He simply ends it all with “Never.” and walks away.

As the day turns to night The Governor is in his quarters and enters a secret room. Inside is a leather chair and he has a seat and is glaring at the other end of the room only to show an almost full wall of Walker heads floating in tanks.

Ok, so this episode served as a perfect contrast to what’s going on over at the prison and we finally had a full view on what’s going on in Andrea and Michonne’s journey. Seeing Merle was quite the surprise and I’ve been waiting for that moment since after the first episode. I have to applaud the writers for letting his appearance lapse a whole 2 seasons before we saw him again. It was a great way to reintroduce him and have it be a total flip out moment for the viewers. Michonne from the very beginning doesn’t like what’s going on at Woodbury and Andrea should listen to her but I think she’s enthralled with the fact that they have a safe, secure place to reside. OPEN YOUR EYES WOMAN! The Governor really butters them up nicely and makes them believe that “All’s well” but you can just tell this guy has other intentions in mind. Andrea seems to be slightly intrigued by this man but that the same time being cautious. Don’t let that charm fool you Andrea! I really do like the way this season is headed with the similarities yet differences between the two groups. Rick has turned to more of a hard-edged method of survival yet is a good man and The Governor on the other hand has more of a laid back “stop and smell the roses” kind of approach but seems to be a secret psycho underneath it all. We’ll just have to keep tuning in to see what his intentions are for Michonne and Andrea.

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