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The Movie:

Starring Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Tom WaitsChristopher Walken and written/directed by Martin McDonagh this film tells the story of Marty Faranan (Farrell), a screenwriter trying to finish a film he’s writing entitled Seven Psychopaths. His friend Billy (Rockwell) tries to help motivate him to finish his film but Marty lacks motivation. He can’t seem to get his thoughts straight enough to complete the screenplay so Billy (being the friend that he is) takes an ad out in the paper calling all “psychopaths” in to tell their story. In the meantime Billy and his friend Hans (Walken) have a scam going where they kidnap or “borrow” dogs then collect a reward when the return them. As it turns out they “borrow” the wrong dog and now a gangster named Charlie Costello is after them (including Marty) to get his dog back. Marty comes to a startling revelation about Billy and Charlie is STILL after his dog. With the chaos around him, Marty starts to question his screenplay and the direction to take with it.

Lately I’ve purposely been watching movies without watching trailers or reading a synopsis. I miss the days when you could watch a film and be completely surprised at the plot. This was one of those films. With a title like Seven Psychopaths I expected a bloodbath similar to Smokin Aces. I was so wrong. It turned out to be a story about a man at odds with himself and his story. Sure the film had some violence and shootouts but it felt like it was in the background of everything. It was mainly about him just trying to find inspiration and to write something that hadn’t been done before. McDonagh brought the dark humor he did in In Bruges but with an action filled twist. I thought Colin Farrell was hilarious in this. Usually you think of him as a badass but in this film he was reduced to a kitty cat that seemed to be scared of just about everything and so unsure of himself. It really was a good change of pace for him and it shows his versatility. Walken was Walken. He usually plays the same type of character with the same comedic rhythm and timing but for some reason it doesn’t get old. His role was in my opinion the most heartbreaking but even with the seriousness that it called for at times he still provided the one liners and idiosyncrasies that only he can bring to the table. Harrelson plays ruthless very well. Add dark humor to it and it makes for the perfect character in this film. To me, his attachment to his dog I found pretty funny and the way his gun keeps jamming throughout the movie. After watching the film twice I really do think they gave Rockwell some of the best lines and moments. It’s funny that I’m even saying this but he played a psychopath with a heart of gold. The crazy things he did, he did them all to try to help a friend even if they were a bit maniacal. My complaint: I wish they would’ve given Tom Waits a bigger part. With his character I felt like there was a bigger story to be told there. (If) they make a sequel then I think that would be the perfect opportunity to explore his character more.

Special Features:

Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths – A brief feature with the cast and crew speaking about the directors’ vision and how fun it was working together.

Colin Farrell is Marty – A look at the character Marty and what he’s all about.

Woody Harrelson is Charlie – A look at the character Charlie and what he’s all about.

Crazy Locations – This feature shows some of the landscape and scenery that they chose for the film. I personally think the desert was the best out of them all.

Seven Psychocats – A HILARIOUS alternate trailer for the film…………with the cast replaced with CATS!

Layers – A video with sound bites from the film remixed to create a song.

A really great and funny film that I completely recommend. While you’re at it watch In Bruges also. McDonagh proves that not only is he an awesome writer but an awesome director as well.

Memorable Quote

Paulo: Put your hands up!

Hans: No.

Paulo: But I’ve got a gun!

Hans: I don’t care.

Paulo: That doesn’t make any sense!

Hans: Too bad!

Seven Psychopaths comes to you January 29th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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