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The brand new POWER RANGERS season will excite fans with the super mega action and adventures of best friends working together to defend the planet from evil. Dive in to the epic battle as the Rangers fight against a massive alien Armada and discover legendary new special abilities. The POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE Volume 1: EARTH FIGHTS BACK DVD features four exciting episodes from the series.

Power Rangers have evolved so much over the years and I have been a fan since I was a kid. With over twenty years of episodes under the Power Rangers umbrella it was a matter of time that there was going to be some sort of anniversary season and then came Super Megaforce. I have to admit that I had dropped off of watching Power Rangers after Disney had the rights to the show. It just wasn’t the same and when I heard that this season would be revisiting some of the past Rangers then I couldn’t help but be curious. Seeing as this was a continuation from the previous season I went back and watched the last few episodes and jumped right into Super Megaforce. This DVD contains the first four episodes of the season and I think that’s the perfect amount to view in order to decide if you are going to like the show or not. Luckily enough right from the very first episode you see exactly what they’re going for and I bought into it right from the start. It really is a cool concept and these first four episodes are a good jumping off point. They have some cheesiness here and there but what Power Rangers series didn’t. The four episodes included are Super Megaforce, Earth Fights Back, Blue Saber Saga, A Lion’s Alliance. The first two episodes are pretty much a two-parter that introduces the series, the second focuses on the Blue Ranger trying to overcome an enemies attack and the final one is about the Rangers trying to get the Wild Force Lion Zord on their side. This DVD is a great release for any Power Ranger fan but the only thing that it was lacking was special features but that wouldn’t stop me from picking it up.

Power Rangers: Super Megaforce – Earth Fights Back is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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