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Season Overview:

Simon Baker is Patrick Jane, a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation and former faux-psychic. This season, Jane’s obsession with finding Red John comsumes his every waking moment, drawing him outside the law and closer than ever to the serial killer’s true identity. While Red John is still at large, the CBI captures Lorelei Martins, one of his close accomplices. With Lorelei in custody, will Jane be able to coax information about Red John out of her? When Homeland Security and the FBI team up with the CBI on the case, however, Jane’s unorthodox methods antagonize even his most loyal allies.

The fifth season picks up where the fourth left off and Jane’s objective is to still find Red John. That’s the great thing about this series and season is that throughout it there are various cases that Jane is helping on but pretty much every episode has a few moments that still furthers the main case of finding Red John and it really does bring him at the doorstep of finding out the truth by the end of the finale. The season didn’t sprint to the finish line from the start, it kind of jogged its way along until towards the end. Sometimes it’s better that way so you can see the slow build to the big reveal. This show is very unapologetic in the sense of it being a straight crime drama that is reminiscent (a bit anyway) of Columbo and Matlock. There aren’t a whole lot of shows that have that feel anymore. It doesn’t get too cheesy or unrealistic which is good because then I don’t think the series would hold up as long as it has. Baker has become quite the leading man and has shaped his character quite well. He’s developed depth to Patrick Jane rather than just go through the motions and leave the character being one sided. The only thing that I feel is starting to become apparent is that they can’t hold on to this Red John plot too much longer. If they do I feel like it may be risking the audience to become uninterested. Either way, this season made for some really good television and looks like they are headed in the right direction with the main story.

Special Features:

The Artistry Of Action: From Script To Screen – Cast and crew talk about what goes into action sequences and car chases in the show.

Arresting Excitement: Keeping It Real With The CBI – The feature show some of the actor of the show and what they have to go through to make their police work look “real”.

The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season is available NOW on DVD from Warner Home Video


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