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The Movie:

Mickey Dawson (Jennifer Aniston), the wife of crooked real-estate developer Frank Dawson (Tim Robbins), is kidnapped by two common criminals (yasiin bey and John Hawkes), who intend to hold her for a $1 million ransom and extort her husband with inside information about his illegal business dealings. But Frank, who is holed up in the Bahamas with his mistress, decides he’d rather not get his wife back

It’s funny because from looking at the cover of the film and who was in it I was sold right away. The entire cast has done either comedy or drama and thankfully for this film it’s both. I’ve seen plenty of crime capers in the past so I wasn’t expecting too much more until I found out that it was from the same guy that wrote the novel Get Shorty (which ended up as a film). It was after that revelation that I was intensely intrigued. The film has this dry sense of humor and is fairly dark given the circumstances of the story but it balances both perfectly. That’s not to say that there weren’t moments where I couldn’t contain my laughter either. The entire cast worked so well together that it’s really hard to pinpoint a single standout performance. If I had to pick one then it would have to go to with Hawkes. He has shown that he can do just about anything and he can do it really well. In this film he basically plays a kidnapper with a heart of gold which is funny to think about but makes his character somewhat endearing. The film doesn’t have the same kick like some of the other capers like American Hustle but it is steadily enjoyable with some good twists and turns going into the final act. Will you enjoy this film? You most definitely will especially if you’re a fan of Get Shorty and American Hustle. This is a must buy!

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes of Life of Crime – The usual BTS feature with some really good interviews with the cast and crew.

Envisioning the Big Picture: Shooting Crime – This feature focuses on the director and how he was able to adapt the novel for the screen.

Hit and Run: Choreographing Mayhem – This takes a look at some of the sequences in the film and how they were put together.

Deleted Scenes – About 10 minutes worth of scenes that were cut that are actually pretty good. I think a few of these should’ve been kept in.

Life Of Crime is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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