Life In The Fast Lane: Remembering Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker was one of those actors that was very underrated. His claim to fame was the Fast and Furious films which I watch ALL the damn time but he was much more than that. I always felt that if given the right dramatic role he could’ve really been on the awards circuit but that’s not who he was. You could just tell that he was a laid back individual that I always saw as a free spirited beach bum that would prefer being low key rather than being in the middle of the glitz and glamour. That’s what I liked about him, he seemed like an “everyman”. I remember watching various interviews over the years and just feel like he was a buddy of yours and not a movie star. He also extended himself to humanitarian relief when he formed Reach Out Worldwide. ROWW is a group of volunteers with first responder skills that are sent out to areas when disasters strike. If you’d like to donate to ROWW please go to¬† and help out a great cause. Although we all may have never known him personally we all felt like we did through his contributions to the film industry. Below are a bunch of interviews, trailers and insight to who Paul Walker was. He leaves behind a 15 year old daughter. May He Rest In Peace.


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