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The Movie:

Plagued by recurring nightmares since childhood, Jessica has begun studying the psychophysiology of dreams in an attempt to understand their meaning. When her Grandmother dies, Jessica returns to her family home in the French countryside, where she receives a muted reception from her icy Mother. After a difficult first night, Jessica becomes feverish and uses her bedridden state to practice the art of lucid dreaming. Jessica soon learns that her Grandmother had been obsessed with the same evil apparition that now haunts her own nightmares. As Jessica’s skills as a lucid dreamer improve, she discovers that dark secrets run deep in her bloodline and that they all lead to the monstrous Horsehead.

I am a HUGE horror movie fan so hearing about a film like this had me curious and really wanting to watch it. From the start this film gets fairly weird…but in a good way. It’s a beautifully crafted film that takes all the weirdness and presents it in a way that will make your skin crawl. The cinematography is some of the most artistic that I’ve seen in a while. The one thing that was a little hard to follow was the story. I pretty much got the gist of it but barely being able to understand the story won’t help other people watching it. The film answered most of the questions that it put out but after the credits rolled I did feel like it left some unanswered. Horsehead itself was awesomely creepy. The wasn’t too much movement in the head area but the hands with the razor sharp nails made up for that. All in all I will say that this movie isn’t for everyone but hardcore horror fans, I think, will be able to appreciate the creativity more than the casual moviegoer. Pick this up if you dare!! 7/10

Special Features:

Inside Horsehead – A great Making Of documentary that is about an hour long. It goes in depth about production and interviews with the cast and crew.

Four Short Films – These shorts are very interesting and really well put together. These are a must watch for sure.

Horsehead is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Artsploitation Films


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