Game Review: The Walking Dead – Season Two // E2 – A House Divided


Picking up exactly where the previous episode left us, your basically hitting the ground running. It starts off with lots of intensity and gets straight to it which automatically got me pumped up about it. The continuation of the story is really beginning to build up and get a lot more interesting which in turn gives you a hell of a lot more questions as to what is going on. There aren’t as many action based moments as I would like in this episode but when one does appear it almost catches you off guard and causes you to think and move your fingers quickly. Telltale has created such a great group of characters that you find yourself caring about and wanting to take care of and in this episode you feel yourself wanting to do just that. Whatever decision you make in this episode all makes it feel like you’re trying to shoot for the greater good of Clementine. Speaking of characters, there is a pretty jaw dropping surprise who you see show up out of nowhere and that gives a heck of a lot more connectivity to the first season. Every part of the game is about survival but this entry in particular has a lot to do with it. You have the group that Clementine is with pick up and go on the move where they end up meeting another group that is well established. You can easily tell that people aren’t so trusting of each other and it’s things like that that make you feel like it could actually happen if people were in that situation. The writing is something that I’m immensely impressed about. They way they have driven the story along and taking under consideration the decision making is so fantastic. There’s lots of twists and turns that have been thrown in to make it compelling and boy does it ever. Whatever choice you pick or path you take you’re in for a deep story with lots of emotion.

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You can download The Walking Dead Season Two – Episode 2 NOW for 400MSP on Xbox Live or 4.99 on the Playstation Network from Telltale Games


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