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The Movie:

Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, the film adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play takes a passionate look at former baseball player Troy Maxson as he fights to provide for those he loves in a world that threatens to push him down.

This film is definitely one of those movies that’s so powerful that it’ll leave a lasting impact on you long after you’ve watched it. The plot isn’t overly complex and it tells a very realistic story of a man that has a very strong mindset on life and how he raises his family. The thing with this film is that it feels a lot less like an actual movie and a lot more like you’re sitting next to these characters and watching everything play out and I feel like that has to do with it being adapted from a stage play. It feels extremely intimate and because of that and some of the subject matter it can feel somewhat uncomfortable to watch at times. Washington gave another phenomenal performance and blew me away at how he completely transformed himself and Davis is always powerful and intense in everything that she does. Even though it’s kind of a given that those two actors are fantastic I think the MVP award has to be split between Stephen Henderson and Jovan Adepo. Although they are pretty much classified as supporting actors their characters have these extremely poignant moments that kind of punch you in the face and make you say “wow”. This is without a doubt a MUST SEE and definitely deserves a lot more praise than what it’s gotten initially. 9/10

Special Features:

Expanding the Audience: From Stage to Screen – A fantastic feature that look at the play and its challenges in bringing it to the screen.

The Company of Fences – This feature takes a look at bringing the stage cast back together for the film version.

Building Fences: Denzel Washington – This follows Washington and what he brought to the table as a director.

Playing the Part: Rose Maxson – This focuses on Viola Davis’ character and her performance in the film.

August Wilson’s Hill District – A great look at the location where shooting took place and how important it was to the story.

Fences is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment


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