The Dark Knight Rises: Bluray Review










 The Movie:

I did an earlier review of the film previously. You can read my thoughts on it HERE.

Special Features:

The Batmobile – An awesome retrospective on the various versions of the Batmobile throughout the years. They are so in depth they even included the versions from the Batman serial from the 1940’s and the ones from the different animated series. They also show how much this fantastic vehicle means so much to fans of Batman and all the mythology.

Ending The Knight – A VERY in depth collection of features on the making of The Dark Knight Rises. They cover everything from early production tests of the plane hijack scene, early concepts of Bane and the cast and crew speaking about ending this chapter of the Batman legacy.

Print Campaign Art Gallery – A collection of some really great promotional posters and banners for the film.

The Dark Knight Reborn – An informative look at what it took for Christopher Nolan to bring Batman back to life again on the big screen. This feature goes though all three films and explains everything including action sequences, vehicles and the score of the films as well.

 I don’t think I have to convince you of a reason to pick up (for yourself or someone else) TDKR but if you even have the slightest doubt about it then push that aside. The features alone on this release is worth the purchase. I really appreciated that they didn’t just mention Nolan’s incarnation of Batman but Batman as a whole. This really is a must buy and there are a few choices put there as far as exclusive store versions so do your homework but if you just want the bare bones version then you might as well pick it up from Amazon at the link below.

The Dark Knight Rises is out NOW from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment 


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