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Season Overview:

J.R. Ewing (), one of the most iconic television villains of all time, takes his last breath under very suspicious circumstances but not before stirring up a season’s worth of Texas-size trouble. J.R. deviously guides his son, John Ross (), in stealing the family business from Christopher () and Bobby (), while the ladies take their own sides. Sue Ellen () runs for governor, Ann () takes aim at her ex, Harris (), and Pamela () and Elena () prove that being beautiful and fighting dirty sometimes go hand in hand. Plus, Elena’s brother, Drew (), and Ann’s long-lost daughter, Emma (), add their own agendas to life at Southfork. It’s a season of must-see drama and even though J.R. and his Stetson are laid to rest, he’s still calling the shots, bequeathing a legacy he calls his “masterpiece,” which leaves the normally unshakable Ewing family in shock.

Continuing on with the cohorts of the Ewing family, this second season starts out with guns blazing. This is one of those shows that you don’t think about really getting into but once you watch an episode or two then you can instantly become hooked. This season has everything that you could ask for in a show that keeps you guessing the entire way through. The most interesting thing was the way that the Ewing family is united but at the same time so intensely divided. It makes for some great drama as well as some of the best double crosses I’ve seen in a long time and just when you think it’s all about to hit the fan they reunite to go against a common enemy. The baseline of this season is about family and with the death of J.R. Ewing that becomes even more apparent. That was an episode that was the turning point of the season. Given the unfortunate death of Hagman, they built the remainder of the season around J.R.’s “masterpiece” which I felt was the perfect way of honoring the character as well as the legendary actor as well by keeping him a part of the story. In a weird sense, the second half of the season felt like a part of J.R. was in each character while they carried out his final wishes. The chemistry between Metcalfe and Henderson is pretty great. When I say great I mean to say chaotic…..but in a good way. That’s the sort of thing the show needs to stay compelling and that’s exactly what the two guys give. The season was a good one that answered some questions and tied up some loose ends but as that happened it also opened the door wide for John Ross to get right back to his scoundrel ways. This show is one that has a bit for everyone. The girls will enjoy the handsome Metcalfe and Henderson, the guys will dig the beautiful Gonzalo and Brewster and everyone will enjoy all of the treachery. I’ll be waiting for the season premiere on February 24th.

Special Features:

Dallas: Fashion Files –  A look at the style of the characters in the show.

Dallas At Paleyfest 2013 – An interesting panel with the cast as they talk about the show and what’s in store for the future.

J.R.’s Masterpiece: Extended Cut Episode – An extended cut of the episode featuring J.R.’s funeral.

Deleted Scenes – A good little group of scenes that were better left out. In my opinion it would’ve given a little too much info too soon.

The Battle For Ewing Energies: Blood Is Thicker Than Oil – A pretty cool feature that shows just how much the Ewing family rises above all in light of outsiders trying to take the family business.

Memories Of Larry Hagman: A Cast And Crew Tribute – Cast and crew share stories about Hagman and how he was a man that just loved life.

One Last Conversation With Larry Hagman – A fantastic final interview with Hagman and how he was asked to come back to his famous role as J.R. Ewing.

Dallas: The Complete Second Season is available February 11th from Warner Bros Home Entertainment


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