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The Movie:

Written and directed by Craig Zobel, Compliance stars  Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, and Pat Healy. Sandra (Dowd) is a fast food restaurant manager and she gets a call from a police officer (Healy) stating that her employee Becky (Walker) has been stealing from customers. The officer instructs Sandra to take her to the back and question her. She does exactly what he says and what starts out as a normal day on the job ends up becoming a horrible nightmare. How far would you go and what wouldn’t you do to when it comes to helping an “officer of the law”?

I don’t think I can say that I’ve seen a movie quite like this one. The whole movie takes place in about two locations and over the phone. Something about that seemed very intimate and made it more intriguing to me. The entire time I sat on the edge of my seat shaking my head because I couldn’t believe what was happening. Like I’ve always said, when a film can do that to you and make you “feel” something then the director has absolutely done his job. Dreama Walker’s role as the cashier Becky was great. She brought believability to the role which made this thriller even better. You could see the fear of the whole situation in her eyes and in portraying something like that I’m sure you have to go to a “dark place” within yourself. Ann Dowd really stood out. Her role as Sandra really pulled the film together and without her I don’t think the film would’ve had a real impact the way it did. She really showed (as Sandra) how reluctant she was about it all but ultimately chose to obey the voice on the phone no matter what. The most disturbing thing about this film was the character of Officer Daniels. Pat Healy’s voice sounded so pleasant and inviting. As the film went on you can sense the creep factor sneak it’s way in although his tone never changed. The most disturbing moments came when he is giving his more extreme instructions and they cut to him doing normal day to day things like making a sandwich or walking down his driveway. It really shows that even the most seemingly “normal” person could be a twisted individual and that’s the most terrifying part. There were times when this film makes you cringe or feel uncomfortable and that’s what made it so great. This is a definite must watch!

Special Features:

Behind The Scenes Of Compliance – A brief look at the making of the film including some interviews with the cast and crew.

Interview With Director Craig Zobel – A really good sit down interview about what inspired him to make the film and what he felt like he wanted to accomplish with it.

AXS TV: A Look At Compliance – A quick promo for the film that shows a few clips from the BTS feature.

Compliance is available NOW from Magnolia Home Entertainment



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