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The Movie:

Several years after the tragic death of their young daughter, a doll maker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shut-down orphanage into their home. They soon become the target of the doll maker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

I love the fact that The Conjuring is creating these spin off films. The first Annabelle film was very enjoyable and creepy but I did feel like it missed a number of points to make it a perfect film so obviously going into this sequel I had high hopes that it would alleviate my concerns. The film felt like it took a bit to get going. I understand that time is needed to introduce setting and characters and such but I think the intro could’ve been condensed a bit to get to the good stuff sooner. Other than that, as soon as the movie got rolling it was great and far superior than the first film. There were a decent number of jump scares (not too many) and the creep factor was pretty high so already it was a win for me. There was also a nicely placed nod to the future of The Conjuring Universe which I thought was a smart move. Throughout the film I kept wondering how everything was going to tie together with the first Annabelle movie and I can honestly say that I thought they did it impressively. Now the only thing that is needed is a sequel where we see The Warrens go up against Annabelle and have it lead into the original Conjuring film. Until then I highly suggest checking this sequel out as soon as you can. It’s better than the first one and that’s pretty rare to see. 8/10

Special Features:

The Conjuring Universe – The feature looks at the overall franchise and how this movie connects to the others.

Deleted Scenes – A decent amount of scenes included that are decent to check out and some do provide a bit more to the story.

Directing Annabelle: Creation – A fantastic feature that shows Sandberg on set and giving insight on what it’s like to make a movie.

Horror Shorts: Attic Panic and Coffer – 2 really good short films that inspired this film.

Feature Commentary With Director David F. Sandberg

Annabelle: Creation is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Bros Home Entertainment


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