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The Movie:

I reviewed this film a bit earlier in the year. If you want to check out what I thought about it then you can do so HERE

The 3D:

To me there has been quite a bit of improvement in the 3D department from the previous film. Every action scene pops so much with excitement because of the depth created between the foreground and background. It gets REALLY nice during web swinging moments and when you get full views of New York City. The colors continually stay vibrant as sometimes they can dull out with the 3D glasses on but you won’t find that here. It looks awesome as hell during the fight scenes with Electro. There’s something about the color of blue that is used that looks absolutely amazing (no pun intended). I think the most impressive part were the times when it felt like things were pushing through the screen. There’s a scene in the rain and the camera is looking upwards and it literally looks like the rain drops are falling on your glasses. That just shows you right there the quality of this 3D transfer.

Special Features:

Deleted & Alternate Scenes – Various scenes that total up to about 23 minutes or so. A lot of these are pretty awesome with the exception of the “Peter Meets His Father” scene. It’s cool that they had the “Great Power” line in there but in the end it just wouldn’t have worked right.

The Wages of Heroism: Making The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – A phenomenal 6 part documentary that details EVERYTHING that went into making the film. With a running time of about 1hr 45min, it goes in depth about the villains in the film, shooting in NYC and progressing the story from the previous film. This was the best feature of the bunch.

The Music of Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Director Marc Webb – Webb talks a bit about what he wanted out of the score and Hans Zimmer’s work on it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is available August 19th on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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