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Movie Maniacs: Series 5

Series 5 of Todd McFarlane’s Movie Maniac series debuted in 2002. Much of the previous lines had a lot of classic movie/horror icons this line however started to lean in a different direction. Although the same types of genres were still used to fill the line up something felt a bit different this time around. I remember specifically when these came out I felt a little let down. Don’t get me wrong the quality that we were all used to was still there but the picks for this lineup didn’t feel as strong as the others. The only one that I remember grabbing up was The Lord of Darkness from the film Legend. Great sculpt.


Movie Maniacs: Series 4

In 2001, the fourth series in Todd McFarlane’s highly succesful movie themed action figure line made its debut. By this time the line had reached its standard and was producing great, quality figures. The sculpt and detail on these were no different.


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