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Movie 43: Blu-ray Review











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American Reunion: Review










This direct sequel to the hit American Pie movies, American Reunion again follows Jim (Jason Biggs),  Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) and the rest of the usual suspects as they are at another milestone in their lives. Their 10 year high school reunion.

Right from the very beginning of the movie you expect the usual embarressment scene that has become common place for the AP movies and it pretty much set up the movie. At this point everyone has gotten older, spread apart and developed lives of their own. That’s when they find out about their reunion coming up. They use that as an excuse to have one last hurrah and of course hilarity ensuses (when does it not?). I really liked this movie more than I wanted to. Mainly because the whole original cast was back I think. Yes the jokes were pretty much the same jokes that have been told over and over throughout the AP movies but it may have been just a nostalgic factor that kind of took it back to the very first film. Like all of the previous films (excluding the direct to video ones) they all have some life lessons included and this one was no different. People change, marriage is work and its always important to keep the people important to you close. I don’t know if they will make another AP movie or not (it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if they did) but this one does feel like it gives a sense of closure and comes full circle with all the characters involved. All in all it was an entertaining movie with lots of raunchy adult humor that had the right idea but just didn’t deliver completely or bring anything new to the table. If you are a fan of the previous films then you’ll enjoy this for sure.



Goon: Review

Doug Glatt played by Seann William Scott, is your run of the mill working man. After having a dinner with his family (his brother and father are doctors) he begins to yearn to find his calling in life. He goes to a hockey game with his best friend and ends up in a confrontation with a player, that’s when his life turns around. He gets the attention of the teams’ coach and gets recruited as an enforcer. Right away, without any knowledge of skating he gets thrown out onto the ice to do one thing and one thing only. Kick ass.

I like that this movie is a straight up, in your face hockey movie. It’s not Slap Shot or Miracle but a very fun movie. It pulls not punches and shows you exactly the way it is on the ice (with a bit of exaggeration of course). Director Michael Dowse‘s take on this film almost makes me think of Kevin Smith’s Clerks and Mallrats. As does the writing by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg. Low budget, funny and doesn’t hold back. Seann William Scott does an excellent job at being a ruthless ass kicker but also a simple man with a heart. All this man wants to do is find his niche and “belong”. The finale of this movie also shows a showdown with one of the most dangerous man in hockey named Ross “The Boss” Rhea played by Liev Schreiber. That scene is a must see and will leave you saying “holy crap!”. If you’re in the mood for a good, fun sports flick then give this one a go

You can check out Goon now on select VOD services. The film hits US theaters March 30th from E1 Entertainment and Magnet Releasing!


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