Small Screen Saturdays: Lights, Camera, Action!

small screen saturdays

Recaps from Hart of Dixie and Pretty Little Liars for the week of 02/10 – 02/15…






Season 3: Episode 13 “Act Naturally”Zoe’s birthday is coming up and Joel plans to throw her a party that becomes more complicated than expected. George faces a new obstacle in conquering Tansy’s heart. Meanwhile Annabeth “civility” of her breakup with Lavon gets put to the test.

Good bye George and Tansy! I swear this show has be going up and down. Stop playing with my emotions HOD!!! Maybe we should just sit back and wait for a new love interest for George. I have officially lost hope in these two crazy cats. Anyhow, I felt the episode had a few silent digs at Zoe and her relationship with Joel. The two are very cute together, but we can’t keep from asking ourselves if they are each others one and only. When Zoe had her pep talk with Lavon about his breakup, the mention of stringing each other along or Crazy Earl’s mention that Zoe and Wade should have never let each other go stuck with me. Was this intentional or am I building this story up in my head because I want Zade back?? Oh love triangles! Side bar, Joel made a cute remark about Zoe in this episode, referring her to Lucille Ball with all her scheming. It was like an “aha” moment occurred for me! She is our modern day Lucy! And all is right with the world lol

We have a month break for these crazy Bluebellians and apparently on a new night too. And Lemon will be back! Can’t wait to see her back in action 🙂




Season 4: Episode 19 “Shadow Play” – Spencer’s inability to sleep each night takes a toll on her. Her constant need for prescription pills to continue the hunt for Ali has caused her world view to take a black and white turn into the 1940’s Film Noir. Will searching for answers be too much for Spencer to handle or is she afraid of the truth she will uncover.

Oh how I loved thee. I’m a sucker for black and white films and this episode was definitely no exception. I adored watching the girls made up and carefully placed into the 1940’s. The girls are finally putting all the pieces together and they realize Ezra is well aware of their knowledge of the possibility of him being “A”. Only fear is how they should get Aria on board with this new revelation. Poor Aria. She never seems to win in the love department. Well actually, neither of the girls do! I hope the next episode will be the pivotal moment we are all waiting for…Aria discovering Ezra is not Mr. Nice Guy after all. Kudos PLL on this episode! I always enjoy when they step away from their norm and surprise us a bit 🙂

No Vampire Diaries this week (insert sad face). Small break, but should be back in two weeks!



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